Email Marketing

Email Marketing – An efficient and cost-effective way of advertising your brand

Regardless of the introduction of several web applications that make interaction fast and easy, there are many people who still have confidence in the e-mails and choose to obtain mails. They are simpler to accumulate and have an individual touch in them too. Therefore, this direct email advertising technique is still very popular, useful, appropriate and acceptable by people across the network.

The biggest advantage of this service is that it can be repeatedly used to communicate with online customers, providing them more information with higher frequency. Since emails can be sent very fast and can be easily read by customers, they help a business in advertising its brands in a very efficient and cost effective way.

If you too want to use the power of email marketing for better advertising of your brand, you have landed in just the right space!

How do we make it work?

We have an expert team of email marketing experts who can improve your ROI through a tailor-made e-marketing campaign.

  • We get an insight into your needs through the personalization and segmentation feature we offer.
  • We assure quality recipients.
  • We create relative landing pages equipped with A/B testing.
  • We track conversions using a method that integrates firmly with your custom landing pages.
  • We provide you with the reports and analytics to make you understand the overall performance of your campaign better.

Clinic Marketers can offer you all the tools required to run a successful email marketing campaign!

Here is what you get:

  • Create a beautiful email within the blink of an eye.
  • Schedule your email to be sent at the perfect time.
  • Direct your visitors to a custom landing page.
  • Monitor and track your campaign’s performance.
  • Get to know what your customers care about.

We are a full-service email marketing agency that is capable of helping your business grow and reach the maximum audience who are very much capable of becoming your potential customers. Our email marketing designs and templates are designed to help you in communicating your business to your audience in the most efficient and effective manner.

What’s the best part? We do so without burning a hole in your pocket! Get in touch with us to know more.