Pay Per Click Management


Everything You Need To Know About PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is an advertising platform where advertisers pay the publishers of their ads for every click of the ads on their websites. Guests of the websites, forum and social media sites click on the ads and the advertisers and the publishers to get revenues. This type of advertising platform also requires a certain investment.

This is a way for your site to be listed on the first page of search engine results without being optimized for the search engines, but being that you will pay for each visitor to your website, you should make sure that each visitor to your website is one who will be interested in your site and your offer(s); if the people coming to your site are not interested in your offers, you will be throwing away your money with no chance at making a profit.

At Clinic Marketers, we have an experienced and reliable team of PPC experts who will put their best efforts to chalk out a strategy that is sure to work well for you!

Google Ads

It is a platform that enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google properties.

Keyword Research

It is an incredibly time-consuming, but incredibly important process since it is keywords that a PPC campaign is built around.


The Role Of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic on your business website. The ads are posted in a very strategic position in pages of popular websites to get exposure to thousands of internet users, making them very likely to get noticed and clicked on. The user is redirected to your website that sells your products and services every time he clicks on the advertisement. Thus, PPC advertising also increases your chances of making sales.


Profitable pay per click campaign requires a perfect blend of mathematics and strategic planning!

We research and select the right keywords, organize these keywords into campaigns and ad groups, set up PPC landing pages optimized for conversions, and do everything it takes to build a successful PPC campaign.

Track Conversions

We track conversions on a regular basis to identify how well a PPC campaign is doing with lead and sales generation downloads, and other key actions.

Manage Your PPC Dollars: Set a Sensible Budget

We set actionable, quantitative goals with a timeline for your PPC budget to keep things in check.

Find Niche Keywords: Long-tail Keyword Strategy

We focus on long-tail keywords as they have a higher conversion value and can be extremely useful in any PPC campaign.

Good Writing: Don’t Ignore It

We are on a mission to build, grow and maintain loyal communities at every touchpoint by writing good content. This means you can accomplish your business goals through digital marketing.